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Our bats are made for you...

Every bat has a story, and it starts with selecting quality wood.


Once we receive your order, our craftsman must select a billet to make your bat from. This process is both an art and a science, because the weight needs to be right to hit the drop you need, and the quality needs to meet our tight standards.


Next the billet is taken to the lathe to be cut. It is at this point that your bat starts to take shape... literally. The video below gives you a glimpse at this part of the process in time-lapsed action.

Once your bat is cut on the lathe, it is finished according to your specifications. If you want it flamed or painted, this is the point where it is done. Once your desired finish is applied, we clear coat it and allow it to dry. 

Now that the finish is dry, the bat is cupped. This is a default option, but one we can skip if you prefer. It shifts the weight distribution, and creates a lighter swing weight. Nearly every bat we do ends up getting cupped.

At this point, your bat is almost done. It is time to personalize it. We know that this bat is for you, but by engraving it right into the wood everyone else will know, too. You can see a time-lapse video below of the process.

Once it is personalized, we wipe it down, and prepare it for shipment. Each bat is put in a plastic sleeve to protect it, and staged for shipping.


The only step we have left is to package it up and send it to you. Then, the rest of it is up to you...

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