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This is for a single bat fitter; a package of three can be found as another product. Also, this does not include the sensor. The Variable MOI Bat is a patent-pending product that, when coupled with a bat sensor, can identify a hitter's optimal swing weight.


What this information allows the hitter to do is select bats in an objective manner. By only considering bats that fit the hitter's ideal swing weight profile, the hitter will be choosing from bats that he can be confident fit him. Essentially, this takes the guess work out of selecting a bat based on someone else's subjective description of "balanced" vs. "end-loaded." By moving to an objective measurement, players can add confidence to both their purchase and their performance.


The bat fitting works by moving the weight in the barrel region to manipulate different length, weight and model combinations. By aligning the weight at the distal edge of each pre-determined mark, we can utilize the known moment of intertia (MOI) for that weight location and use that information to make a recommendation to the hitter based on comparative performance.


By following our bat fitting Instructions, a player can go through the process in about 15 minutes, the data from the fitting can then be input into our website, and the recommendations are returned in under 30 minutes.


The Variable MOI Bat comes is shipped raw (no paint or clear coat) to ensure that any moisture gained or lost is done proportionally throughout the bat, so as not to effect the data supporting the recommendations. The bat is generally cut to -3, but with moisture gains and losses may increase or decrease. As long as the fitting device is weighed before each fitting session, and an accurate weight is entered, the data processing we do will still provide accurate recommendations. We recommend using a food scale that weighs in fractions of an ounce to get an accurate weight for the fitting. Each order including a variable MOI bat will also include a hex key to adjust the weight, but in the event you misplace it, it is a standard 3/16" hex key.


Each fitting device will cover the entire span of our bat models for the length it represents, but, depending on the data returned from a given fitting session, may also return recommendations for a shorter or longer bat. The information that can be obtained from the fitting process is incredibly valuable to help players obtain an edge.


With proper care, one Variable MOI Bat should last a very long time, so this can be viewed as an investment as much as a purchase.

Variable MOI Bat

$99.00 Regular Price
$79.99Sale Price
  • We recommend using the Bat Fitter by hitting tennis balls off a tee. This help preserve the life of your bat fitter and help you avoid unnecessarily cutting up baseballs with the weight. Using tennis balls does not impact the sensor readings, so accurate data is still returned. 

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