With the GLB MAPLE 3-PACK, you can select your favorite turn model, we use select pro-grade maple billets and turn the bats to the length you specify, then finish and personalize them to your liking. The GLB MAPLE 3-PACK provides a great value, and helps ensure you're never begging a buddy to use his bat. 


Our craftsmen take great care in assessing the quality of each maple billet they receive prior to turning it into a bat. You can expect high-quality materials to be used to make your bat, which helps provide you with more confidence at the plate.


We believe the GLB three-packs provide some of the best value on the market.


Wood Type
Bat Length
Bat Color/Finish
Label and Engraving Color (Same for all three)
Bat Model
  • As each bat is made-to-order, we don't allow for bats to be returned for any reason other than an error on our part. If we processed the order incorrectly (e.g. barrel or handle finish, length, etc.), please contact us, so we can check the order record. If you find a defect in the bat, please let us know what you found, so we can investigate the situation.


    One thing to keep in mind, though, is that wood bats break. Most of the time, the breakage is caused by a ball being hit either on the end of the bat or in on the handle. These contact areas create a situation where the bat is more susceptible to breaking.


    Please send all questions or concerns to greatlakesbatco@gmail.com.

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