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In an effort to add convenience for our facility partners, we have put together a package for you. Each facility pack contains 24 of our pro-grade maple bats, at our most popular lengths, and finished in all of our handle and barrel combinations to provide your players variety. We are then including 24 Pelican Wax sticks and 24 white Great Lakes Bat Co. t-shirts.


What this combines for is a great deal, as it would cost over $2,500 at our regular team and quantity discounts, and over $3,000 at our standard retail rates.


The bats included are some of our most popular models to help ensure the players in your organization, or at your facility, love what you have available for them. Each pack includes:


1 - PRO GLB Z1 (Brand new model, 1 - 33")

1 - PRO GLB 243 (1 - 33")

1 - PRO GLB S2 (1 - 33")

1 - PRO GLB 13 (I13 equivalent, 1 - 33")

4 - PRO GLB R2 (2 - 32"; 2 - 33")

4 - PRO GLB 111 (AP5 equivalent, 2 -32"; 2 - 33")

2 - PRO GLB 141 (1 - 32"; 1 - 33")

2 - PRO GLB 272 (1 - 32"; 1 - 33")

4 - PRO GLB 271 (2 - 32"; 2 - 33")

2 - PRO GLB 85 (1 - 32"; 1 - 33")

2 - PRO GLB 52 (1 - 32"; 1 - 33")


As this was intended to streamline the process for our facility partners by ordering an array of popular models in common sizes, we set the lengths. We will also end-cup each bat, unless otherwise specified. If you know you want to substitute sizes or want a bat "uncupped," please leave the changes in the "Notes to Seller" at checkout, and we will make those changes for you.


The shirts will come in four sizes, unless otherwise indicated. We will send 4 small, 8 medium, 8 large, and 4 XL shirts. Again, if you know you want specific sizes, please indicate it in the "Notes to Seller."


Please note, the shirts will ship separate from the bats and Pelican Wax. The two shipments should arrive within a few business days of each other, but, as they come from different locations, we cannot guarantee that. Both shipments should arrive within our standard 2-3 week delivery window, though.


Facility 24-Pack

$2,499.00 Regular Price
$1,999.00Sale Price
  • As each bat is made-to-order, we don't allow for bats to be returned for any reason other than an error on our part. If we processed the order incorrectly (e.g. barrel or handle finish, length, etc.), please contact us, so we can check the order record. If you find a defect in the bat, please let us know what you found, so we can investigate the situation.


    One thing to keep in mind, though, is that wood bats break. Most of the time, the breakage is caused by a ball being hit either on the end of the bat or in on the handle. These contact areas create a situation where the bat is more susceptible to breaking.


    Please send all questions or concerns to

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