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This private deal for members of the Lawrence University Baseball Program provides high-quality split maple at well below retail. 


We encourage players to look at the description of the different models in the "Pro Series" collection on our website, but to purchase the bats through this special offer. Also, please note the pictures are provided as a bat shape reference, specifically so that players can see knob shape and transition from handle to barrel; actual appearance will reflect your finish choices on a maple bat.


To simplify the ordering process, we have defaulted to a cupped bat. Most players use a cupped bat, but if you prefer an uncupped bat, please send us a note accompanying your order.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at 

Lawrence University Maple

  • As each bat is made-to-order, we don't allow for bats to be returned for any reason other than an error on our part. If we processed the order incorrectly (e.g. barrel or handle finish, length, etc.), please contact us, so we can check the order record. If you find a defect in the bat, please let us know what you found, so we can investigate the situation.


    One thing to keep in mind, though, is that wood bats break. Most of the time, the breakage is caused by a ball being hit either on the end of the bat or in on the handle. These contact areas create a situation where the bat is more susceptible to breaking.


    Please send all questions or concerns to

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