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The Long Bat Trainer measures in at 35.5 inches and weighs in at 35-37 ounces. It is turned from maple and finished in all black with your choice of silver or gold label and engraving, along with a line of personalization.


The idea with the is to increase barrel awareness by increasing the MOI of the implement and to encourage core activation throughout the swing. By increasing both length and weight of the bat, the MOI is far greater than a typical game bat. The increased MOI creates a greater "swing weight," forcing the hitter to activate muscles throughout the core to move the bat throughout the swing. Lower MOI bats can be moved more easily and as such sometimes fall prey movements initiated by the arms and hands. Another benefit of increased MOI is the ability to feel the bat moving through space, known as barrel awareness. Understanding where the barrel is during the swing helps improve contact quality, which can reasonably be associated with improved performance.

Long Bat Trainer

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