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The PRO GLB SB1 is our flagship softball model. This bat measures in with a 2.25" barrel and a approximately a minus-seven weight-to-length ratio. We believe that baseball is better when played with wood, and our beliefs don't change when it comes to softball. Using wood levels the playing field, and this bat allows your talent to shine through.


You will find this bat available in both pro-grade sawn ash and maple, as well as prime split maple. Our craftsmen take great care in assessing the quality of each ash and maple billet they receive prior to turning it into a bat. You can expect high-quality materials to be used to make your bat, which helps provide you with more confidence at the plate.


In an effort to provide greater customizability where it counts, we offer our bats in half-inch increments. This allows each player to fine-tune a bat to fit their swing. Often moving up in bat length feels like a big jump, so by providing half-inch increases we allow players to maintain feel and control as they grow into their longer bat.


With mulitiple barrel and handle finishing options, you can truly give your bat a distinct, but classic look. We pride ourselves on turning out a product that not only performs at the highest levels, but also looks the part. We know that combining a high-level of performance with a custom look adds a little bit of swagger to the walk from the on deck circle to the batter's box.


We offer three barrel finishes: flame hardened, black, and clear. The flame hardened barrel finish is available in both our ash and maple. The flaming process helps reduce the moisture content of the surface wood slightly, which results in a harder surface and unique look. The black finish provides a clean, black finish for the player who desires an understated look, preferring to let his swing do the talking. The clear finish is just as it sounds, a clear finish showcasing the high-quality materials and providing that traditional look that players love.


Our handle finishes come in black, clear or flamed. The only exception to this is that we do not flame our maple handles; finding that this can make the handle region too brittle leading to more broken bats. Some of our favorites are a flame hardened ash barrel and handle, an end-to-end black or clear finish, and our feathered flamed look where the flamed barrel bleeds into a clear handle. These options provide a custom, yet classic, look for your bat. 


The last option you have to select is whether to cup the end of the barrel. Cupping the end of the barrel shifts the center of mass towards your hands providing greater control over the bat, and decreasing "swing weight." The swing weight is how heavy the bat feels when you swing it. An end-loaded (non-cupped) bat will feel heavier throughout the swing, but also increase the moment of inertia which can lead to greater exit speed. This is definitely a personal preference for each player, but most seem to prefer the greater control of big-barelled bats that cupping provides.


  • Note: The handle of maple bats cannot be flame hardened. We feel this degrades the handle area by making it more susceptible to breaking.

  • As each bat is made-to-order, we don't allow for bats to be returned for any reason other than an error on our part. If we processed the order incorrectly (e.g. barrel or handle finish, length, etc.), please contact us, so we can check the order record. If you find a defect in the bat, please let us know what you found, so we can investigate the situation.


    One thing to keep in mind, though, is that wood bats break. Most of the time, the breakage is caused by a ball being hit either on the end of the bat or in on the handle. These contact areas create a situation where the bat is more susceptible to breaking.


    Please send all questions or concerns to

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