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Our Youth maple bats are cut from some of the same stock that our Pro Series bats are cut from, and the same certified manufacturing processes are followed. We believe that if you are paying for quality, you should get it, regardless of whether you are a youth player just excited to be at the park or a professional grinding out a living. Our craftsmen take great care in assessing the quality of each billet they receive prior to turning it into a bat. You can expect high-quality materials to be used to make your bat, which helps provide you with more confidence at the plate.


We are offering these bats finished in black, and engraved the same. All of the bats will be cupped, which provides better balance and will aid in youth players controlling the bat. By standardizing some of these options, it allows us to keep the price down for you, while still providing a high quality bat.


The GLB 271 YTH is the youth knockdown of the popular 271 with a 2.25" barrel, providing great balance. The GLB 271 YTH can be cut to 27-30 inches and comes in at about a -7 drop, which is great for youth players working to develop their swing.


The GLB 141 YTH is a youth knockdown of the popular 141 turn model. Cut down to 28-30 inches, the GLB 141 YTH is a great introduction to wood bats for youth players. It offers a larger barrel than the very popular GLB 271 YTH, which can allow for greater power, but also creates a slightly heavier swing weight.



Youth Maple 6-Pack

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