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Complementary Revenue Stream

Running a business is hard! Anyone who has ever done it can attest to that, so when something comes along that makes sense you have to grab hold of it.

If you run a baseball facility, you probably either carry some bats for players to purchase, or you have toyed with the idea of doing it. The hard part about doing that is that you are never sure what is going to sell, and they tie up some of your cash while you try to move them. Worst of all, when you need to move them, you may end up selling a bat to a player who may not actually need that bat.

The solution is pretty straightforward, though...

Sign up for our Facility Plan, which gives you unlimited data processing for your bat fitting and access to our dealer pricing.

Understand, I don't run a facility, so I am evaluating this from an outside perspective. From what I can tell, though, maximizing the value of space utilization (i.e. profit per square foot) is vital to your success. That said, setting aside one hour per week to do bat fittings, and scheduling four fittings in that hour, would be very profitable. Maybe your facility client volume would only support doing this once every month, but maybe you get to where you do it every week.

The question, though, is what is that worth?


Bottom line up front: You could clear over $250 from

one hour of cage time!


If you charged $25 for a bat fitting, and did four in an hour, you would make $100 in that hour. Not bad, right? Above, though, we said something about $250/hour!

How do we help you clear that kind of money from one hour of cage utilization? Let me show you...

We sell our maple three-packs for $279 through our website, but you would have access to dealer pricing that brings that down to about $243. If you promote a free professional bat fitting with the purchase of a three-pack of bats, and you schedule the fittings in blocks of four (one hour of cage use), you get to take advantage of the first quantity discount offered for our dealers; at twelve bats, the cost of that three-pack to you is $215. You charge $279, it costs you $215 ($64 in profits) and fifteen minutes in the cage. Fill that hour with four fittings, and this becomes $256 in profit from that one hour of cage time!

The best part of this is it's a win-win situation for you and your athletes. If your athletes were in the market for some new bats anyway, they are paying the same price they would pay through our website; no additional cost for them. You get to ensure that they are swinging a bat that helps maximize their performance, and you get to add bat sales as an additional revenue stream without having to carry inventory. If you want to have some bats in-house, now you at least know what your guys are swinging, and you have a better idea of what would move.

At the end of the day, you pay $59/month to be able to process the data and access the dealer pricing, but if you have a high-volume facility it can create a new revenue stream with incredibly low risk!


Like I said earlier, I don't run a facility, but I can identify value and opportunity when I see them. If I was a facility, or even an instructor renting space in a facility, I would run the numbers to see if it worked for my situation.

Costs: Three-pack of Fitters ($229), Blast Motion Sensor ($149 retail), Bat Scale ($10 on Amazon), Facility Plan for Data Processing ($59/month); Total -- $388 + $59/mo.

Break-even, if you execute the plan above: Month 2

If you need some help putting this plan into action, let us know!

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