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Near the end of 2017, we mentioned that we would work to bring more value to our customers, subscribers, and supporters. By launching our blog, we are looking to do just that!

We will periodically post pieces with the sole goal being to bring value to you! Sometimes that value will be a more in-depth description of one of our products. Sometimes the value will be found in breaking down commonly misunderstood or glossed over areas of the bat industry. Other times we'll have guest authors contribute on topics that are pertinent to our followers.

The guest posts will focus on areas that are outside of our expertise. We will have contributions from current professional players, aspiring professional players, college coaches, instructors, and who knows who else. We aren't limiting ourselves in terms of what we will bring to you, so it could be anything. The number one goal in determining what kind of content to bring to you will be ensuring it provides value to you, in one way or another.

We hope that you will enjoy this journey as much we will!

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